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Industry news: Denim Deal

Denim industry takes an important step

Blue jeans are a wardrobe classic and belong to the most favourite clothing items ever. But the production of denim is not without harm – jeans production is one of the biggest polluters in the fashion industry. The Denim Deal, which was signed in Amsterdam at the end of October, wants to change that.

December 2020

Jeans are a true allrounder when it comes to our daily outfit, what many consumers are not aware of, however, are the ecological and social implications the production of our favourite fabric have. Second to the oil industry, the fashion industry is the biggest polluter worldwide and within the industry, the production of denim is the very forefront. This is where the Denim Deal comes into play, which was signed in Amsterdam at the end of October 2020. A total of 30 parties signed the pact and are now jointly focusing on how to make post-consumer recycling a standard in the jeans industry.

Among those, who signed the pact, are House of Denim, Modint and Kings of Indigo, in addition, the initiative is supported by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. The first milestone the parties involved are aiming at is to make sure that all jeans clothing contains at least 5 per cent recycled materials. Scotch & Soda and Neonyt exhibitor Mud Jeans go further with plans to produce three million jeans clothing items that have 20 per cent recycled fibres. Initially, the Denim Deal will last three years, so other interested parties can still join the pact. At the end of the year, all parties involved will take stock of their achievements, examine what the results are and which effect they have on the industry's ecological footprint.

Recycle, rent, repair – in 2019, Neonyt, the global hub for sustainability and innovation, also focused on the future of denim production with a varied trade show programme and a curated fashion show. Apart from Mud Jeans, also Feuervogl and Goodsociety were among the exhibitors dedicated to innovative and fair jeans collections and demonstrating that denim can indeed be more environmentally friendly. Innovative events like Neonyt and ambitious initiatives like the Denim Deal make clear that there are many players, who want to contribute to a change to an industry with a more sustainable use of resources in which circularity is a given.

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