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Study: PwC

Consumer behaviour: People before technology

What influences decisions to buy? To find an answer to this question, the auditing and consultancy organisation PwC questioned 15,000 consumers in twelve countries in the framework of the survey “The Future of Customer Experience”. The answers were unexpected and call on companies to rethink their approach.

May 2018

The term “shopping experience” sounds a little outdated, but according to the auditing and consultancy organisation PwC, it is more relevant than ever. The Frankfurt-on-Main-based company’s study “The Future of Customer Experience” concludes that factors such as reliability, friendliness and human interaction play a far greater role for consumers than generally expected. Three in four say that, alongside price and quality, a positive customer experience is a major factor when deciding whether to buy something, while almost every second person is willing to pay more for it. Speed, helpful staff and friendly service rank first for almost half of all consumers. Convenience and efficiency are valued more highly by consumers than cutting-edge technologies.

By contrast, bad experiences, such as an unsatisfactory service, drive potential customers away far more quickly than expected. One in three consumers stated in the survey that they had stopped doing business with a brand after just one negative experience and in Latin America, this figure rose to almost half. One major message for businesses: 82% of consumers in the USA and almost three-quarters of all others expressed a desire for more human interaction. These must-knows for businesses apply across the generations, so to fixate on specific age groups seems superfluous. But the members of Generation Z, born between 1995 and 2010, are digital natives and expect seamless and accelerated communication. Notably, more than half of consumers from the USA say that most companies must improve their customer experience.

The bottom line is this: customer service comes before digitalisation. Think ahead, without losing sight of tried and tested sales strategies. If businesses wish to be successful in the marketplace in future, they must take these messages to heart.

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PwC Studie „The Future of customer experience“ (PDF)


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