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Trade Show: Texworld, Apparel Sourcing, Avantex & Texworlddenim

Paris, the city of fashion

January 2018

At regular intervals, the city of love also turns into the city of fashion. But anyone who only associates fashion in Paris with its haute couture shows needs to think again – a significant part of the city’s ongoing transformation are the sourcing fairs that take place every season on the Seine; including Texworld Paris, Apparel Sourcing Paris, Avantex and Texworlddenim, which are organised by Messe Frankfurt.

Mass market orientation meets avantgarde – this is one way to sum up the four trade fair platforms held at the same time from 11-14 February 2018 in Paris-Le Bourget. At its 42nd edition, leading fair Texworld is once again showcasing more than 720 exhibitors such as fabric producers and accessories suppliers from 18 different countries to an international audience of professionals. And parallel to this, Apparel Sourcing Paris, where the focus is on production, will be bringing together 300 exhibitors from 17 countries. This February, Apparel Sourcing Paris is welcoming Ethiopia as a host country and therefore successfully demonstrating the possible synergies between the commitment of Messe Frankfurt in Africa and the fabric fairs on other continents.

For the first time, Texworlddenim will also be taking place this season. Originally launched as a segment positioned between both the Texworld and Apparel Sourcing fairs, this February it will be gathering over 40 denim specialists at one stand-alone show. Which isn’t really surprising considering that 1,240 million pairs of jeans are sold worldwide every year and denim makes up 39% of the USA’s annual fashion turnover – in Western Europe the figure is 20%. Bearing in mind that there are more than 500 relevant denim production facilities globally, the growth potential of Texworlddenim is obvious.

And, last but not least, Avantex sees itself as a pioneer of the markets of tomorrow. The tradeshow format, which is now taking place for the sixth time, is specialised in technical innovations, digitalisation and the interconnectivity of the supply chain, presenting an overview of exhibitors from these sectors. Showing future-oriented technological solutions and innovations for the fashion and textile market that are already available today is the aim of Avantex. At the same time, it offers research and development institutes a platform on which they can present their pioneering ideas and findings to a professional audience and put them up for discussion.

 “Too different for universality. Too similar for individuality. […] Doing away with time and place, we redefine ourselves a hundred times every day. […] The world has become too multifarious to remain inflexible. Each human being has their own universe. Not quite the same nor really different from their neighbour’s. […] They are called Humanity. And their possibilities are infinite…” – this is how the trend forecast of Texworld Paris summarises the multidimensionality of contemporary fashion in the foreword of this year’s inspiration book. These words could also be understood as a definition of Paris – the city of fashion, where twice a year haute couture meets mass market orientation and the avantgarde meets daily business, also making the metropolis on the River Seine the city of sourcing.

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