Trade show Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics
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Trade show: Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics

China welcomes the world

15 per cent more visitors than last year: Almost 90,000 visitors from more than 120 countries and regions attended this year's Autumn Edition of the Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics. From 25 to 27 September 2019, companies from all over the world presented their innovations and discussed developments in the industry. Part of the programme for the first time: The international conference format Fashionsustain.

October 2019

From 115 BC to the 13th century, the Silk Road connected China and the global west: Textiles, gold and ideas were exchanged along a route of 6,400 kilometres. As a major exporter of textiles and apparel, today China is still one of the global players of the textile industry – as well as a sales market of ever-increasing significance. The Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics, one of the world's largest and most wide-ranging trade shows for apparel fabrics and accessories, offers a platform for international exchange and insight into the future of the industry. From 25 to 27 September 2019, almost 90,000 visitors from more than 120 countries and regions attended the trade show – a 15 per cent increase on the previous year.

The textile trade thrives on direct interaction: Fabrics must be seen and felt. For 25 years now the Intertextile has provided a renowned framework for exhibitors and buyers. Many companies choose the trade show as the place to present their latest collections and innovations. This year it attracted more than 4,400 exhibitors from 33 countries and regions. "We have participated in this fair for many years, and the result has been remarkable each year. Through this platform, we can integrate with market trends and brands, promote the company image, and ultimately boost international and domestic sales," says Hon Chen, Manager Far Eastern New Century Corporation.

Which products are available on the market? What are the latest technologies? Are there sustainable options? Rosette Carrillo, Associate Director of the Confederation of Wearable Exporters of the Philippines, also found answers to these questions at the Autumn Edition 2019. In her view, one highlight of this year’s fringe programme was the first Asian edition of the international conference format Fashionsustain. AI applications, lifestyle trends and sustainability in international trade were discussed in a series of panels. "This fair is the best a garment manufacturer can attend," said Carrillo.

The Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics was held concurrently with Yarn Expo Autumn, CHIC and PH Value at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). The upcoming Spring Edition of the trade show will take place from 11 to 13 March 2020.

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