A call for change
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Trade Show: Neonyt

A call for change

In light of the fashion industry’s heavy use of resources, the need for a paradigm shift is becoming increasingly urgent. As the world’s biggest trade show for sustainable fashion, from 2-4 July 2019 Neonyt will be bringing the fashion industry together at Kraftwerk Berlin and driving forward the change towards a more sustainable and ethical approach to production.

May 2019

What is the impact of the textiles and clothing industry on people and the planet? And in terms of resources, how much is the industry consuming? If we look at the hard facts, worldwide sales of clothing have doubled in the last 15 years from 50 to 100 billion garments*. The huge production volume of fast fashion is accompanied by the industry’s enormous water consumption: it takes up to 2,700 litres to produce one single T-shirt**. The annual water volume consumed by the fashion industry is nearly enough to fill a total of 32 million Olympic-sized swimming pools***, making it one of the most intensive industrial sectors in terms of water usage. Faced with the harsh reality of these figures, the call for urgently needed change in the fashion industry is growing louder.

From 2-4 July 2019 at Kraftwerk Berlin, Neonyt, the world’s biggest trade show for sustainable fashion, will be putting the spotlight on the impact of fashion production. Under the overarching theme of “water”, the July edition of the professional trade show will address the fashion industry’s massive use of resources and let international forward-thinkers have their say. From leading fair fashion to promising young fashion labels, from men’s, ladies’ and kidswear down to shoes, accessories, performance wear, jewellery and beauty – in different segments, Neonyt’s exhibitors are also showing new solutions for sustainable fashion production.

The Fashionsustain conference on 3 and 4 July will be showing what kind of role innovative technologies and the digital optimisation of the supply chain can play in driving forward sustainable change in the fashion sector. Companies that can monitor their production digitally are able to make their manufacturing processes more efficient and environmentally friendly. And sending samples in digital rather than analogue form saves on fuel as well as generating less CO2 and nitrogen oxide. As well as talks and discussion panels, which will provide valuable food for thought and specific solutions to tackle the challenges facing the fashion industry, Neonyt will also be presenting a number of global innovation drivers at Fashionsustain. At the upcoming edition, for example, one of the world’s leading technology providers for the textile and fashion industry, Gemini CAD Systems, will be presenting its intelligent solutions to boost efficiency and help save resources.

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