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Industry News: World Future Council

Build back better

Covid-19 has been a wake-up call for humanity. What the world now needs are global leadership, collective action and shared responsibilities – also in order to enable a just and resilient future. The World Future Council has published a letter outlining targeted actions to "build back better" for future generations.

May 2020

What kind of world will we live in after Covid-19? The 44 members of the World Future Council (WFC), who come from 24 countries and all continents, agree that the world must be more just and resilient for future generations. Their statement outlines a list of immediate targeted measures required to "build back better".  The letter was submitted to Heads of State or Government worldwide. The signatories included among others Prof. Dr. Michael Otto, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and former Chairman of the Executive Board of the Otto Group, Ilsabe von Campenhausen of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, and Hafsat Abiola, President of the Women in Africa initiative. “This is a turning point for humankind, and it is our duty to rebuild our world in a way that safeguards life on earth. This is why determined, strong and immediate global action is key to build back our world in a way that respects people and planet,” says Alexandra Wandel, Executive Director of the World Future Council.

The ten claims made by the WFC range from ensuring the right to health for all, to empowering and protecting women and girls and respecting nature and its life cycles. Global leadership, collective action and shared responsibilities: The WFC calls on the international community to implement commitments such as Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement and to promote far more rigorous measures. Furthermore, the members of the WFC call for support for sustainable and fair economies, the expansion of green energy technologies and the protection and restoration of ecosystems, which they consider essential in order to prevent future pandemics.

Raising awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals in the fashion industry in the framework of Agenda 2030: Messe Frankfurt's Texpertise Network, the Conscious Fashion Campaign and the United Nations Office for Partnerships are working hard to meet this aim together.

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