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Industry news: Medtech

Bacteria-resistant textiles

Textiles that kill off multi-resistant bacteria? It may sound like science fiction, but it is in fact reality. Two companies in Saxony have developed an antibacterial textile for use in medical facilities.

February 2019

Bed linen, uniforms and curtains: textiles in hospitals provide a convenient home for multi-resistant bacteria. For people with healthy immune systems these are usually not a threat, but they can trigger infection in weaker patients. In order to nip this problem in the bud the Saxony-based companies Brändl Textil and Spengler und Fürst have jointly developed a technical textile that kills potential pathogens.

The Bacteria EX-System integrates metallic silver with a purity of 99.99 % in the textile. This is harmless to the human organism. Due to the natural ambient humidity the silver ions become active, penetrate bacterial cells and destroy their genetic information. According to the manufacturers, the antibacterial effect means that the textiles are 99.99 % bacteria-free within one hour.

This not only combats the potential risk of infection and the proliferation of bacteria, but also reduces odours and static charges and improves the user’s temperature regulation. Despite the performance attributes, the textile can still be industrially laundered and may be handled in the same way as conventional hospital textiles.

As one of the twelve application areas of the Techtextil trade show taking place from 14 to 17 May 2019, Medtech will focus on the manufacture, processing and application of medical and hygiene products.

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