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„It takes two“ Attitude-Behavior Gap Report

In Covid-19 times, more and more people want more sustainability when shopping for clothing. A reason to change things! That is why Zalando is expanding the second-hand clothing business. The reason for the move are the results of its first "Attitude-Behavior Gap Report", which was published on 20th April 2021.

April 2021

Sustainability in the fashion industry is now at the top of people's agenda and has gained even more importance because of the Coronavirus pandemic. A key point is that both companies and consumers need to take responsibility for social justice and the protection of the environment. That is what the title "It takes two" of Zalando's first report on customers' attitude-behaviour gap refers to, which was published on 20th April 2021. The report finds, however, that roughly half of all customers interviewed are unsure about how to harmonise sustainability with consumption.

The report takes a look at the divergence between the attitude and the real shopping behaviour of consumers. One of the key findings is that there indeed is strong demand for sustainable fashion, but people's shopping behaviour is far from being as sustainable as desired. The findings also suggest that sustainability in fashion can be overwhelming and leaves consumers with feelings of guilt. That is where Zalando's approach comes in with clear advice to companies to overcome this discrepancy together with customers for example by communicating transparently, helping with deliberate buying decisions or offering second-hand products. In this context, the company has expanded its Pre-owned business to a further seven European countries.

Towards a better future  - at the Neonyt conference Fashionsustain in January 2020, Zalando discussed common approaches for more sustainability in the industry with other industry players and representatives from politics and non-governmental organisations. Under the motto "Now", Neonyt will once again paint a new picture of fashion, sustainability and innovation with progressive formats, forward-thinking topics and numerous events in 2021.

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Zalando SE (2021). „It takes two”. Attitude-Behavior Gap Report


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