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Timeless designs from Africa - at this year's Young Designer competition at Allfashion Sourcing in Cape Town, emerging talent Sinazo Janda outplayed her competitors with her minimalistic designs. Under the motto "Africa is now" the young designer from South Africa presented her ideas to a thrilled jury.

November 2020

Timeless, aesthetic, minimalistic - the designs of South African designer Sinazo Janda are convincing. During the third edition of the Young Designer competition at Allfashion Sourcing in Cape Town, the young fashion designer charmed the jury and won against her nine counterparties. The competition's motto this year was "Africa is now". Ten design students presented their designs at the digital edition of Allfashion Sourcing on 4th November 2020. One of the jury members was trend researcher Nicola Cooper, who has taken on the mission to support young African designers, artists and fashion designers. “As an industry, we need to start empowering younger designers and understand that we have such skill here – right in front of us. From my side, it’s been astounding to see the quality of work this year and the aesthetic of print combined with structured garments. I’m really blown away,” says Cooper.

Exciting colours, creative designs and innovative fabrics – the award has taken place at the trade show for four years now to support young African talents. For Janda, winning has made a dream come true. “This means so much. To be recognised by people I have been following for so long. I am so grateful for everyone’s contribution towards this industry. It’s difficult to have a breakthrough and this will be so helpful in my career,” says Cooper. The young designer won a trip to Texworld Paris 2021 in France, where she will present her designs to the international fashion crowd. She also won a cash prize of 10,000 Rand (approximately 800 euros). Second after Janda came designer Hanna Wilson with a prize of 5,000 Rand (approximately 270 euros). Next year, the award is expected to take place face-to-face as usual again.

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