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Trade show: Allfashion Sourcing Cape Town

Cultural Riches

An industry on the rise: African designers are becoming increasingly well-established on the international fashion market. At the virtual edition of Allfashion Sourcing Cape Town from 3–5 November, experts will debate how the industry can continue to grow and what makes African fashion so special.

November 2020

Music, art, fashion – South Africa's creative industries are booming. South African designers are increasingly being invited to co-collaborate, taking Africa's cultural riches into the wider world. At the virtual edition of Allfashion Sourcing Cape Town from 3–5 November 2020, experts will discuss the importance of African fashion. Due to international travel and contact restrictions, this year the trade show will be purely digital: video calls, chats and live streaming will enable exhibitors and buyers to still contact each other and discuss the African fashion market, despite the distances between them. How can the industry continue to grow and how can companies position themselves internationally? These and other issues will be clarified at the trade show.

Trend researcher Nicola Cooper is convinced that the African fashion market holds huge potential. “The real opportunity though lies in the huge amount of African intellectual property that is still largely untapped,” says Cooper. African companies should support each other. It is also important that African fashion is not only marketed locally. “And not only to manufacture local for local, but local for global as well, so easily facilitated by the online world that it is a completely natural next step,” continues Cooper.

Interested parties can still register online for the digital edition of Allfashion Sourcing Cape Town until the beginning of November.

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